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Spring Cleaning for Your Skincare Routine: Tips for Refreshing Your Regimen

Spring Cleaning for Your Skincare Routine: Tips for Refreshing Your Regimen
Spring Cleaning for Your Skincare Routine: Tips for Refreshing Your Regimen

Spring Cleaning for Your Skincare Routine: Tips for Refreshing Your Regimen

Rejuvenate your skin this spring with simple changes. Give your skincare routine a makeover to prepare for warmth and sunshine. Here are some tips for refreshing your skin care regimen.

Switch to a Lighter Cleanser & Moisturizer: Swap heavy creams for a lighter cleanser and oil-free moisturizer to prevent clogged pores and greasiness while still removing impurities and providing adequate hydration.

Exfoliate Regularly: Remove dead skin cells and promote cell turnover by incorporating gentle exfoliation into your routine. Use an exfoliant like glycolic acid or lactic acid for a smoother, brighter complexion.

Hydrate from Within: Increase your water intake to keep your skin hydrated from the inside out. Proper hydration helps maintain skin elasticity and plumpness.

Add a Vitamin C Serum: Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps brighten the skin, even out skin tone, and protect against UV damage.1 Incorporate a vitamin C serum into your morning routine for a radiant complexion.

Don't Forget Sunscreen: As the sun becomes stronger, sunscreen becomes even more crucial. Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher and reapply every two hours, especially if you're spending time outdoors.

Protect Your Lips: Don't forget to protect your lips from the sun and dehydration. Use a lip balm with SPF and hydrating ingredients like shea butter or coconut oil to keep your lips soft and smooth.

Adjust Your Diet: Incorporate foods rich in antioxidants, such as fruits, vegetables, and green tea, to help combat free radical damage and promote skin health from within.

Get Adequate Sleep: Quality sleep is essential for skin regeneration and repair. Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep each night to wake up with refreshed, glowing skin.

By implementing these simple tips and tricks into your skincare routine, you can revive your skin and prepare it for the warmer, sunnier days ahead. Visit our DermBx shop to get a healthy and radiant complexion this spring. Our products are clean, effective and scientifically-sound solutions to address all of your skin concerns. Pure Dermatology in Newport Beach meets all of your dermatology needs - from conquering skin cancer or acne, to improving your confidence with cosmetic and laser treatments.

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