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What is an acne scar?

Acne scars are formed when the acne erupts and the blemish becomes super inflamed. With this inflammation, the pore becomes larger, leading to a break in the dermis. The outcome leads to uneven tone and texture on areas where the acne has occurred.

Ice pick

Ice pick scars are some of the most challenging types of scar to treat. You can identify them since they have a wider opening and they narrow as it gets deeper. Typically you will find these types of scars in areas where the skin is the thinnest.


Rolling scars are the types of scars that make your skin texture look uneven or sometimes ‘bumpy’ since they tend to be more curved than other scars. Rolling scars are predominantly found in thicker areas of the skin like cheeks and around the jawline.


Boxcar scars are a type of scar that usually have edges that are much sharper than other scars. Those edges go down deep into the skin, tethering and pulling down on the tissue. These types of scars are the most common scarring we see with acne patients.


Various treatment options for acne scars offered at Pure Dermatology Cosmetic and Hair Center include: