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Coolsculpting - weight loss

Coolsculpting uses targeted freezing technology to help get rid of stubborn fat with no downtime! This treatment is non-invasive and works over the course of 6-8 weeks. The most popular area is the abdomen for patients but this treatment can be treated for unwanted fat in arms, above the knee, inner thighs, banana rolls, submental area, and upper and lower flanks. This treatment usually requires a few treatments to see optimal results. Results are permanent and treat 25% of the fat cells in the treated area each session. Did you know that more fat cells result in more cellulite? If you have cellulite read more about how we can help you with that with QWO!

No, Coolsculpting does not help patients through their weight loss journey, it’s a non-surgical ‘fat reducing’ treatment that helps stubborn areas of fat freeze away!

As we know, everyone’s body is different. The number of ‘cycles’ you will need depends on the areas that you are looking to treat! Most patients need a minimum of 2-4 ‘cycles’ per area treated for optimal results.

The short answer is yes! Once your fat cells are frozen and go through the lymphatic system, results stay! The best way to maintain the results is by maintaining a healthy diet and active lifestyle.