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Excel V®

The excel® V Laser System is the newest laser at Pure Dermatology Cosmetic & Hair Center. This laser specializes in treating vascular skin conditions such as spider veins, cherry angiomas, Rosacea, spider veins and telangiectasia and pigmented lesions including sunspots. Excel® V can treat all skin types and is customizable depending on what you are being treated for. The Excel V® laser has a specialized cooling technology to ensure your treatment is comfortable from start to finish. With this laser, we treat patients who have a red undertone for any acne scars, helping to bring them back to normal skin tone and have the overall appearance of lighter, brighter complexion.

  • Stop the use of all Salicylic and Glycolic Acids as well as any Retinol, Tretinoin & Retin-A for 3-5 days pre/post treatment.
  • Staying out of the sun when the UV rays are at their peak (12-2pm) as any laser treatment will make your skin more photosensitive.
  • Do not wear makeup on the day of treatment
  • No sun-tanning or self-tanners 4 weeks prior to treatment (includes spray tans, tanning lotions, tanning beds, sun exposure, etc.)
  • Some medications or supplements may increase the risk of bruising. Consult with your physician.
  • Notify clinic with any changes to your health history or medications since your last appointment
  • History of herpes or cold sores may require an antiviral prescription prior to treatment

Most patients experience minimal to no downtime with this treatment. You will have mild-moderate redness with slight swelling the day of and the day after the treatment.

We recommend anywhere from 3-6 treatments to get optimal benefits. Quarterly maintenance is something that most of our patients do to keep their skin looking refreshed and glowy!