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At Pure Dermatology, we believe in using the latest and most effective techniques to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. That’s why we use only the highest-quality injectable products and take a personalized approach to each treatment. Whether you’re interested in getting rid of crow’s feet, enhancing your lips, or reducing the appearance of a double chin, our team can help you find the right injectable treatment for your needs. Our injectables services include:

Dermal Fillers

All Dermal fillers are a non-surgical injection that helps correct the skin and deeper lines both superficial and into the deeper dermis. The different filler options are based upon the depth of correction desired and are excellent options for a non-surgical facial augmentation.

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Botox® and/or Xeomin® is a Neurotoxin that helps to prevent deeper wrinkles from forming. When we are constantly overusing these muscles by, for example, frowning, this leads to the “crows feet” look, or “11” lines between our eyebrows. Botox can provide rest and relaxation for those muscles.

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Kybella is an FDA-approved enzyme that permanently dissolves fat, in stubborn fat pockets of the body. It is predominately used to create a slimmer and more contoured jawline.

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DermLyft™ is the ultimate no downtime non-surgical face lift. Our office helps create the optimal face/neck lift by combining a series of treatments such as: Resurfacing Lasers, Dermal Fillers, Platelet Rich Plasma and Neurotoxin to help you achieve your desired goals.