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Skincare Tips and Routines to Prevent Sun Damage

Skincare Tips and Routines to Prevent Sun Damage

Skincare Tips and Routines to Prevent Sun Damage

The sun is essential for healthy living. It can help regulate sleep cycles, stimulate the production of Vitamin D in the body for good bone health, plus reduces stress and helps to create feelings of well-being. Unfortunately, the sun’s rays have harmful effects, particularly on the skin. From aging to skin cancer and even wrinkles, exposure to the sun can damage your skin significantly. However, some people, such as beauty gurus and dermatologists, manage to enjoy the sun well while maintaining flawless, healthy skin? How do they do it? Through knowledge and discipline to a routine. These people know exactly how to care for their skin in the threat of damaging sun rays. You, too, can be one of the people who save their skin from this damage. All you need is a little dedication and enough knowledge. So if you want to enjoy summer but not face the consequences of too much sun exposure, consider following these helpful skin care tips and routines.  

1. Know Your Skin Type

The basis of any good skincare routine to avoid acne or save yourself from sun damage is to know what you are working with. You cannot effectively protect your skin if you do not know what skin type you are working with. Additionally, have to buy the correct products for your skin type to offer adequate protection. To know your skin type:

  • Use a thin layer of tissue.
  • Clean your face and then use the paper to blot different face areas, including the nose and forehead.
  • Hold up the tissue to the light and check the oil residue.

Little to none means you have dry skin, while a lot means you have oily skin. A regular amount means you have normal skin. You could also be a hybrid of different skin types.  

2. Always Moisturize Your Skin

The second thing you should add to your routine is moisturizer. Moisturizing your skin will significantly help avoid sun damage. Throughout the day, exposure to the sun will dehydrate the skin. It will cause your skin to loose moisture quicker and more frequently. To replenish and even prevent moisture loss, you need to use a good moisturizer on the skin. Experts say that you should apply moisturizer immediately after coming out of the shower in the morning and the evening. Select a moisturizer that is ideal for your skin type, with no irritation. Additionally, if you feel like your skin is drying out after a while, reapply some.  

3. Drink More Water

Speaking of dehydration, you need to drink a lot more water to avoid sun damage. Drinking water will help to keep your skin hydrated from the inside. Dehydration will reflect on your skin, making you look less radiant. The amount of water you have to drink per day depends on your body. To check if you are dehydrated, you can do a simple pinch test on the skin. Pinch an area on your arm or skin, then release. If the skin wrinkles and does not bounce back immediately, your skin may be dehydrated, and you need to drink more water.  

4. Use Sunscreen on All Days, Every Day

Some people only use sunscreen in the summer, but experts advise using sunscreen for any form of sun exposure. You have to protect your skin all the time, whether driving, going to the office, or running errands. Experts suggest a wide-spectrum sunscreen of SPF 30 on your skin. On the other hand, you could select sunscreen based on your skin type. When applying the product, do not neglect your hands, feet, eyelids, ears, and lips.  

5. Invest In A Vitamin C Serum

A boost of Vitamin C serum is just what you need to get through the summer looking flawless. Of course, you should seek natural sources of the vitamin, such as citrus fruits, but your skin will highly benefit from direct absorption of the vitamin. Vitamin C helps deal with hyperpigmentation. This will help control the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles due to exposure to the sun. Vitamin C also helps slow down the aging process by combating the oxidative process sped up by exposure to UV rays. Additionally, applying a Vitamin C serum regularly will protect the skin. Always consult a dermatologist to select the right product for your skin. High-quality serums will often give you outstanding results. The cheaper ones will irritate and burning on the skin.  

6. Switch to Lighter Products

The sun’s intensity often means fewer layers of clothing; the same should go for the products you use. The heat and humidity of higher temperatures mean that heavy products will melt and ‘stick’ to your skin, leaving you feeling uncomfortable. Your pores have to breathe in the heat since you will be sweating and losing moisture. Therefore, you should switch to lighter products, especially makeup. Gentle and lighter cleansers and makeup will let your pores air out while working just as well to care for your skin and help you look good.  

7. Avoid the sun when you can

If there is a shadier area available for sitting, then go for it. You should avoid sun exposure as much as possible. When heading down to the beach, carry an umbrella, hat, and sunglasses. This especially goes for the days you forget to moisturize or hydrate well. Additionally, if you can avoid the sun when it is hottest, you will prevent a lot of moisture loss, thus protecting your skin. If you can be indoors between 12 pm and 4 pm, the better.  

8. Keep Your Face Clean

Lastly, you should keep your face clean. In the summer, cleaning your skin is a must-do. Sweat can mix with dirt and grime, and this will clog your pores leading to damage. Experts recommend washing your skin regularly, at least twice a day. Use a gentle cleanser to avoid drying up your skin. Also, you can use warm water to stimulate blood vessels but always finish with a cold rinse to open up your pores. Avoid touching your face throughout the day and remove makeup before going to bed.

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