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New Year Resolutions for Healthy Skin

New Year Resolutions for Healthy Skin - blog

New Year Resolutions for Healthy Skin

New year, new you! This new year, we are making resolutions that prioritize our skin health to look and feel great from the inside out!

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Healthier Skin

  1. Clean out your skincare drawer: Skincare products don’t last forever. Make sure to check your expiration dates and throw out any out-of-date products.
  2. Pledge to Wear Daily Sunscreen: As you may already know, sunscreen is my best friend, and it should be yours too. This year, make it a habit to put sunscreen on every single day.
  3. Transition to Clean Products: Skincare and makeup can be full of ingredients that can be harmful to your skin. Transition to non-toxic, natural skincare and beauty products to enhance your skin glow.
  4. Eat Healthy: Did you know that your nutrition plays a role in your skin health? It’s true, eating a nutritious and healthy diet will help keep your skin radiant. Say no to processed foods with unrecognizable chemicals or ingredients, avoid sugar and fried or processed foods.
  5. Hydrate Day and Night: People often overlook moisturizer both daily and nightly, but your skin needs it. Keep up with good hydration habits by applying moisturizer twice a day.
  6. Address Your Skin Concerns: Take time to see a skincare specialist. If you are concerned about fine lines, hyperpigmentation, or acne, get help from a qualified dermatologist.
  7. Remove that Makeup: After a long night out on the town, the last thing you probably want to do is take off your makeup. Leaving makeup on overnight will clog your pores, encourage bacteria growth, and cause acne. Take it off every day – no exceptions.
  8. Prioritize Sleep: Beauty sleep is real! Get a minimum of 7-9 hours of sleep each night. While you sleep, your skin repairs and rejuvenates itself from the inside out.
  9. Stay Zen: Did you know that stress can show on your skin? Practice stress-relieving habits, such as yoga, mediation, and breathing exercises.
  10. Schedule your Annual Screening: Annual screenings are a must!Prioritizing skin health screenings can catch any potential issues early, and guide you on how to treat and manage skin conditions that may arise.

Embrace the New Year with the Pure Dermatology Cosmetic & Hair Center! Our team of experts will help guide you to radiant, healthier skin now!

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NEDA MEHR, MD is a board-certified dermatologist and founder of Pure Dermatology Cosmetic & Hair Center, one of the largest and most comprehensive privately owned dermatology and hair centers in the nation. Dr. Neda Mehr has been awarded “Top Cosmetic Dermatologist“ in Newport Beach, specializing in all aspects of the skin and hair for both male and female patients. Dr. Mehr is known for being a “functional dermatologist” and looking at a patient as a whole person rather than a problem. This role has placed her as a fan favorite and leading expert in acne and hair loss, and she can be seen regularly in Allure, Cosmopolitan, NBC California Live and countless other platforms sharing her expert knowledge to help patients look and feel their very best!
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