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  • Ultimate Guide To Hair Loss Prevention

    Ultimate Guide To Hair Loss Prevention

    It is absolutely possible to have a full head of hair well into your 50’s and 60’s, even if genetics are not on your side. Experiencing hair loss can be different for everyone, and if you prefer to prevent it, there are steps you can take to help preserve your hair.

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  • Guide To Hair Transplant Options

    Guide To Hair Transplant Options

    Deciding to do a hair transplant is a major decision, but the more important decision is choosing the type of hair transplant procedure you want to have. There are two main types of hair transplant surgery, including FOLLICULAR UNIT EXTRACTION (FUE) and FOLLICULAR UNIT TRANSPLANTATION (FUT).

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  • What is Male Pattern Baldness

    What is Male Pattern Baldness

    Hair loss for men and women does not have to be permanent, as there are several treatment options available. Many individuals are not interested in a surgical procedure to treat their hair loss, so they turn to topical and oral medications.

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  • Hair Transplant Options and How To Find A Doctor Near You

    Hair Transplant Options and How To Find A Doctor Near You

    Over half the population—both men and women—experience some form of hair loss. Over-the-counter products, like minoxidil, can help combat the problem in its early stages. As the issue progresses, many turn to their doctors for help restoring their lost locks.

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